Attract and Hire the Top LGBTQ Talent

Meet & Exceed Diversity Hiring Goals

How we deliver the Top LGBTQ Talent

We have the largest database of LGBTQ candidates in the US. (66,000+ and growing daily!)

We generate visitors to our site and your jobs through SEO, media/blog partnerships, sponsored events, and social media.

We promote your job to our candidate database via email, SMS, and retargeting ads on social media.

We can provide you with customized DE&I Analytics reporting.

Many of our recruiters and executives identify as LGBTQ. Their first-hand experience of challenges in a non-inclusive workplace uniquely qualifies them to be candidate advocates.

We provide the candidate’s preferred pronoun in our submissions. LinkedIn found that 70% of all job seekers think recruiters and hiring managers alike should prioritize confirming preferred gender pronouns. An overwhelming 72% of hiring managers agree with the mindset that having clarity on a candidate’s gender pronouns is beneficial and helps others be “respectful of their identity.”

“According to Guardian’s Workforce 2020 report, nearly 12 million Americans identify as LGBTQ. An increasing number of organizations are realizing the importance of diversity in the workplace and its benefit.”

Partnering towards
a better world

Hiring people of different ethnicities, backgrounds, and ages allows companies to tap into power of diverse thinking and creativity. A diverse workforce also gives you better insight into your customers. Your customer base is diverse too, after all.

According to a Monster survey, 56% of respondents think companies should be doing more to recruit and hire from the LGBTQ community. Additionally, nearly 20% believe their current employer has a negative attitude toward LGBTQ hiring. These findings prove that an inclusive workplace requires more than just talk.

We help employers attract and hire the top LGBTQ talent and build a diverse and inclusive workforce.

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