3 Lessons to learn from LGBTQ relationships

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes a good relationship work so well. Chance, circumstance, and personality can all contribute to a happy love life and sometimes just that special something you can’t quite pin down. However, no matter how much love is, it does not preclude us from learning from good relationships. The LGBTQ+ community is under appreciated for its contributions and positive impacts on society. And there’s so much our society can learn from related to shared roles. Let’s take a look at a few lessons to learn from LGBTQ relationships.

1. A fairer distribution of household responsibilities

Gender stereotypes can be a breeding ground for relationship dissatisfaction. Pay disparities, childcare expectations, and historical perceptions of gender roles at home can all lead to resentment, miscommunication, and tension. LGBTQ couples are more likely to have equitable domestic roles, such as shared household chores, and less emphasis on gendered behaviours within the home. Couples can make it up as they go along and actually play to their individual strengths rather than a gender stereotype.

2. Celebrate your sexuality

LGBTQ couples are still subjected to intense prejudice, sometimes even from friends and family. The plus side is that it can sometimes indicate that LGBTQ couples truly celebrate their sexuality or gender as well as their relationship. Having to fight for or defend your relationship can put it to the test, but it can also strengthen you as a couple. Being aware of a partner’s personal comfort level when it comes to PDA is beneficial for any relationship, regardless of the couple’s sexual orientation.

3. A healthy communication

The ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship. According to research studies, LGBTQ+ couples are more likely to manage disagreements positively, using praise and encouragement rather than criticism, blame, or nagging and are happier as a result. They tend to speak about their wants and needs more openly throughout their relationship. Because of their openness and creativity, LGBTQ+ couples may be more open to change and adaptable, which are important qualities in long-term relationships. But towards the end, everyone deserves to be loved, and everyone should be able to love in their own way.

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