To be LGBTQ inclusive, companies must offer trans healthcare, report says

A whopping 379 Fortune 500 companies have been actively championing LGBTQ inclusion at work, according to a Human Rights Campaign audit. For its 2022 Corporate Equality Index report, the LGBTQ advocacy group surveyed 1,271 companies about their internal and external commitments to queer people. Top-ranking Fortune 500 businesses that snagged a 100% rating and the award of Best Place to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality 2022 include Walmart, Amazon, Apple, CVS Health, AT&T, no deposit online casinos, Google and Cigna.

The criteria extends beyond “an inclusive culture” and corporate social responsibility to nondiscrimination policies across business entities and equitable benefits for LGBTQ workers and their families. More specifically, HRC graded companies on whether they were driving equality in LGBTQ family formation, were raising the standards for trans-inclusive healthcare by expanding the mandatory service and treatment options, had solidified gender transition guidelines and cultivated best practices for “intersectional examination of workplace inequality” via training and data collection.

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